don't wear fur, build tech.

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digital strategy

Valere Digital's digital strategy team to kickstart product thinking at your organization. We can outline the path to achieving your vision, or simply help define the best product ideas to achieve the return you need.


  • Market opportunity identification

  • Business objective alignment

  • Growth Strategy

  • Operating Model Design

  • Product Vision and Roadmap development

  • Organizational Change Management

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experience led transformation

Our design-led thinking helps architect the most meaningful customer experience and create a delightful end product that people will return to again and again. Valere Digital starts by quickly and iteratively prototyping and testing with real users to ensure we’ll deliver the right product at the right time. This also allows teams to work efficiently, bringing the product to market faster.


  • Journey mapping

  • Prototyping

  • User research and testing

  • Experience design

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data & analytics

Our consultants define the strategic data and analytics framework to deliver outcomes with greater certainty by enabling our clients to make intelligent decisions using actionable analytics.



  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Management

  • Data Visualization

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Machine Learning

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engineering &

Valere Digital builds for impact and scale. At the core of every Valere Digital project is the build: the process where product design and product strategy are transformed into functional, working code. Whether it’s through a team of five or 50, the products we create develop collaboratively, both internally and with our client’s teams – are built with agile software best practices, scalable architectures and sustainable design patterns. Our goal is always to ship well: to build and deliver what we promise to the market.



  • MVP definition and release

  • High velocity software engineering

  • Cloud-native architecture

  • Zero-cost experimentation